Monday, December 17, 2012

Feminazis make you look sex-ist!

The rape apologists rear their head again. They show their ignorance and bias towards feminists, who think outside the male definition of what constitutes feminism by using American Republican, anti-abortionist nut Rush Limbaugh's vocabulary. How unimaginative and lazy. Yes, feminazi, you got it right bitch. If your feminism makes you question the status quo, and you call a sexist a sexist, you are a feminazi. Wanting to exterminate the bulls of the human species. Calling some holy men misogynists. Considering men who give rape threats future rapists, you are an uptight, ugly, fat cunt. Possibly even a lesbian. Man hating, crazy cat lady. Here's the cliche response from an average callous, religio-fascist excuse for a human being.

For this person, making jokes about rape, threatening women on the internet with rape, talking in a sexually derogatory manner are all good fun. His morals and ethics remain pure and undoubtedly chaste, since all he did was laughingly ask a woman why she is being so uptight about someone who asked her to spread her legs. I guess he often jokes like that at home too. After all, in his minuscule brain his aim is spreading laughter, and if what he is saying and doing is perfectly harmless humour, he practices what he preaches.

Here's the masterpiece by the very il-literally inclined Tayyab Tanvir, the Mango People fame guy. Enjoy the touch of his genius. ;)

Strawman galore. The man talks in innuendoes, starts asking for sexual favours. Women responds with a no. Man starts getting more sleazy and loud. Women screams no, stop it. Man goes, come on let me f*** you. This is how the logic works here. 

1- This man is sexist.
Response: You are not a feminist, but a man-hater.

2- This man supports men who gave me rape threats. This is how rape culture works. He is sexist.
Response: You are close minded because I only joke about rape and that is why support these men because they were joking too. 

3- This man supports rape threats.
Response: Fuck you stupid bitch. Come on, give me a BJ.

4- This man is harassing me sexually and is a future rapist.
Response: You are frustrated and ugly, and think every man is out there to rape you. FEMINAZI!

We have not yet even talked about how one becomes a feminazi by merely not supporting the heteronormative discourse of sexuality and gender. Probably on some other post. Here's a few more of the delusional jokers aka 'sexists'. Who chose to visit the petition page demanding PTA to unblock youtube. Wonder if they would continue upholding humour over morals if someone jokes about their religion. Ah well!

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  1. I cannot imagine what kind of feminist arguments the artist had in mind that turns one into "feminazi", but there are instances where some feminists cry misogynism where there isn't any.

    To give a common example, the Rebecca Watson elevator crisis led to a lot of men being labelled "rape-apologists" merely for dismissing the matter as not harmful. In other words, even politely asking a woman to have "coffee" with him is reason enough to make you a future-rapist.

    Any feminist would agree that calling somebody a future-rapist or a rape-apologist is a serious allegation, and cannot be thrown around as a loose substitute for "douche" or "jerk".

    It's not there's something wrong with feminism itself. But some feminists do take it to a level where it appears to be about gender-based privileges than about equal treatment.

  2. oh and btw iam not a part of your youtube unblocking petition... i get your stupid updates even though i havent even joined the damn thing... and yes get a life or a job. whatever.. and go make me a Sandwich

  3. Feminists ARE Feminazis!

    You could try to differentiate it all you want. But they are one in the same.

    While Feminists do infact deal with equality, it is all and ONLY for women. Prosecuting all men as Evil Patriarchs/Rapists.

    Male Feminists do exist, but most don't understand or know what there into. Funfact? Did you know there's Female ANTI-Feminists? How Shocking!

    "They're Open minded" Yeah, sure. Is that why they try many times to redefine the definition of rape. The Oppression of women, claiming that Men don't get hurt, don't get raped, can't hit back. That when a Woman strikes a man in the most antagonistic way, The Feminists are automatically going to side with the the woman, not the man defending himself. They don't realize that plenty of women have way more priveleges than men, and deal with many assaults (Both Physically and Vocally) towards ALL Men (Mainly Workers or Fathers).

    So as Stated, Feminists ARE Feminazies!