Thursday, September 3, 2009

For saving the Under-dogs: The book of Evil

The point of contention for the past few days has been, the exaggerations being employed, or rather preferable would be to coin the word exaggeration-ism. Whether it is the atrocities of army, or the politicians or a capitalist system, all in all there seems to be a drive to reach at something, defying all rational to the point of reaction-ism. This drive stems out from frustration at things going wrong, or at something personal is currently a controversial debate. Hitherto one thing is for sure, and that is this reaction-ism has proven to be the undoing of many a nations before.

Even a minimal research on this state of affairs reveals links to a certain book that if read, can easily make a person reach to the point where every other person, or idea could be the enemy that needs to be quenched through a revolution. A book that changed history, a book that foretold of the horrors to come, and the paths it will lead to. This book although not divine in its origins, is still revered as divinity itself. Perhaps if the author had drunk the potion of immortality, he would have been deemed worthy to rival the gods of yore whilst living. However in a dozen or more decades from now, if he is declared a prophet or promoted ahead for petitioning to be one of the lesser gods, one must not wonder.

It gave people the idea to unite, to unite against something bigger, some enemy, real or fabricated, modest or exaggerated, be their own deliverers for their own betterment. The ravages carried out under the emblem of these so-called self appointed saviors are far reaching. They are the color of aggression and anger since time immemorial, and so they proved time and again by their inhumanity towards their fellows. Red is their color and so is their path painted the same red. But who would have thought of this reaction? Not he himself who wrote it.

It would be erroneous to reveal the name of that book, for it is still cherished by most, and it would be similar to signing a death warrant with one’s own hands. Perhaps another century is needed and a few million more deaths before it becomes evident, that the said book is not actually the Savior but the black book of death for not thousands but millions. Nonetheless, at present it is not just being read, but followed as well, not just for personal gain but for instigating long term vendettas in the name of saving the underdogs.