Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let justice be served

The bell clangs,
Bring the culprits,
Summon the jury,
It is time for justice,
Jury be damned sire,
We killed the jurors,
What about justice,
It is in a stone sire,
It only hits the guilty,
Aims to hit a child,
The stone hits the child,
Let justice be served now,
The stone was guided by Allah,
The child is guilty,
Guilty? Of what?
Something sire, something,
The stone cannot be wrong,
It is god!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Cut all the chains,
Rush out on the streets,
Burn the ropes,
The night is serene,
Dance around the fire,
It will be a feast,
Carved out of corpses for you,
Course after course of meat,
Fear not,
Be the vulture you are and eat.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kill the cyborg

Kill the cyborg,
For it does not let you live,
A resistant parasite,
Gorging on your life,
Bit by bit,
As a caterpillar does on a leaf,
It grays and strays,
Till you are left alone,
And all you have is a clone,
Sitting in front of another machine.
In another time zone.

Interesting debate on Hijab

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sanity Where Art Thou?

You ask me to know worldliness,
When all I desire is eternal bliss?
How can you be so blind, insensitive; selfish?
Open up your heart please,
Look beyond the mirror,
Find and stare at the glass,
Its not you, nor I,
Its a ghost,
An empty shell
Walking on the cliff edge, as it rains,
Dripping, soaked, insane,
Laced with malice,
Sadness laden, clanking like chains,
As days of yore, stop and restrain,
A prisoner within the brain,
Just let go, do not strain,
Or it might snap,
And end up deranged.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To be a human'ail or human'oise?

I thought being a snail was enough,
Till I realized it isn't,
Better be a tortoise,
Not fragile and vulnerable,
But an armored omnivore,
For I have to fight with beasts,
Who wear masks and veils,
Carry weapons and stakes,
Crush everything that wails.
Not monsters of the dark,
Dismissed for being unreal,
But sophisticated with knives and spears,
That hack, cut, drag and shear,
Beware o mortals for they crave to be our fear.


Slumping down in an abyss,
Plummeting to the bottomless pit,
There comes a moment of silence,
Of being at peace,
Not caring or withstanding,
Any desires or needs,
Just sinking deep,
Within the knowledge of being one,
And the warmth of being received,
Received where,

Collected skulls and bones are resting in eternal silence,
Rattling in boxes, rusting, being eaten away by moths and spiders,
This is where my heart dwells,
Without any gaps getting wider;
Step on one, step on five, scatter,
What does it matter?
It is my home, or will be when I desire.

Monday, August 20, 2012


It happens again;
The need to curl up and die,
Seek for silence,
Or serenity that satisfies,
Come hither death,
Take me to the skies,
Higher, where there are no lies,
Love needs no sacrifice,
Wings don't shatter,
And time never flies!

Friday, August 17, 2012

ظلم کا راج

,جب مزہب کے نام پر توپیں، تلواریں چلتی ہیں
ان ایوانوں ان گلیوں میں جب لاشیں گرتی پڑتی ہیں؛
تم سوتے ہو یا جاگتے ہو؟ کچھ کرتے ہو یا کانپتے ہو؟
سب چھوڑ کے اپنی تکلیفیں اور دولت کی یہ زنجیریں،
تم اپنا خون بہاتے ہو؟ یا جاں اپنی بچاتے ہو؟
گر تم کچھ نہیں کرتے ہو، بس بھاگ کر چھپ جاتے ہو
اور خاموشی کی آڑھ میں مظلوم بنتے جاتے ہو
تم منکر ہو مکار بھی ہو، اور ظلم و ستم کے ہامی ہو 
تم قاتل ہو 
تم چل تو لو 
یا رینگ ہی لو
اس خاموشی کو توڑ ہی دو
یا چلا کر، پوچھ ہی لو
کیاا یہ عدل و انصاف ہے؟ جو جائز اور پاک ہے؟
اس غربت اور یاس میں بس ظالم کا ہی راج ہے۔

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toxic coals

Walking on coals,
Inhaling toxic fumes,
I become ash,
Take me to the river now,
For there I may find peace,
In the all engulfing waters,
That will protect my core,
Keeping it alive and free,
Letting me float to the edge,
Into the waterfall,
That winds its way to the ocean,
Endless droplets of dreams, Emotions, evaporating to the skies,
Which when come back to gravity,
Give life, quench thirst.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crawling snails

The urge to disappear returns,
The need to puff myself away,
In smoke or tears,
Sitting at the mazar,
Or whirling among fakirs,
On a dusty marble floor,
As one of the crowd,
Among the people of music & dance,
I melt and become one,

But as the snail returns,
So does the pain,
The need to leave,
An ever melting trail,
As one crawls on salt,
Turning to dust,
Or tiny agonizing crystals,
Numbed for eternity,
Till the next thaw,

Strange yet beautiful,
Filled with warmth,
Engulfing, fiery, passionate,
So real it becomes,
That in drunkenness,
Reaching for more,
Discover it was a mirage,
A mirage so beautiful,
Till it shatters,
Hurting, wounding the flesh,
Like shards of glass,

And the wish for death returns.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Death wish

When tears hurt too,
It is time to stop crying
For there is no relief
And pain is eternal
If life gives pain,
It is time to stop living
As eternity for stardust
Is as long as living itself

So as death wishes invade,
Don't ask me to be brave,
Or that if it is safe,
I am not scared,
Dying or dead,
Does it matter
If quietness is scarce?
Words, colors run around in the head,
While erosion prevails!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thoughtful darkness

When the lights go out;
Dust settles down
Darkness is everywhere,
East, west, north and south,
You wait and watch for the sun to come out,
Till you realize,
In darkness is freedom,
The kaleidoscope of thoughts, desires;
And things that can never be screamed out loud!