Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is it all in vain?

While my heart craves for the birth of intellect among the masses as well as the ability to guide them into a better and enlightened collective force by their leaders, my mind often considers it is all in vain.

For how can a nation entrenched within the confines of a regressing religion lift itself from the depths of ignorance and venture towards the height of knowledge and awareness.

A nation devoid of all sensibilities as a human race; a nation concerned with only the base instincts of filling its belly with food and satisfying its beastly urges has nothing but bleakness to look forward to. Indeed, it is their destiny to not even know their human side, for there is no will to even search for it.

The desire to find that candle within was smothered long ago, and can not be rekindled as it is deeply rooted within the lock and barred castle of a barbaric religion.

Once again it keeps the urge to evolve into something better in check. Divinity again blocks vision and holds the reigns of imagination.

But then again my hearts craving cannot be ignored.

Would it be a belief in the divinity of man himself if one hopes for a leader who awakens the winged and boundless horse of knowledge in the hearts of the wretched souls living barely on the edge of humanity?