Saturday, December 19, 2009

When there was hope….

Is there hope? Or we are bound to stay in this pit of darkness forever? Nobody knows how long this will continue or how long they can bear it. But there was a time we dreamed, and there was a time we hoped. Unfortunately all that is lost below the dust and webs of time, or was it left behind amongst the rubble after a bomb blast? The constant strife, growing hatred, almost criminal callousness, the hidden agenda and subtle manipulations have given birth to an abyss of hopelessness, which even if one wanted to get out of, proves to be a Herculaneum task.

The country seems to be a maypole, the ones who have taken a ride are always preparing for another possibility, and the one’s who are still deprived are ready to fight tooth and nail for their chance. They wait for their turn to gnaw at the limp bones and flesh, like a starving vulture.

In the quest for finding that one shimmer of hope, one stumbles upon piles and piles of rubbish, spewed all over by the Taliban lovers or the ‘Uto-suferes’. There are those who insinuate in their rabid and limited language that every act committed by others is a conspiracy and those who say the same things, but in an intellectual and clever manner, shamming you into believing yourself to be a diamond of the first waters by agreeing to their garbage, no matter how nonsensical it is

If only…. We could dream again…