Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saudis up to their tricks again?

The nameplate issue has been doing rounds with the WWF as well as the OXFAM apologising to the oil rich donors of fundamentalists, namely the Saudis since the UN climate summit. However, in this hullabaloo what was forgotten was that the Saudis are opposed to taking strict action against carbon emissions and switching to renewable energy.

They have been doing so since long and checking results of some previous meetings would prove so. Ahead of the December meeting in Copenhagen the Saudis had stolen some emails of British climate researchers to cast doubts on the authenticity of the human factor involved in global warming. Later on they had claimed there was no need to reach an agreement regarding any reduction in emissions.

Moreover, this time around the Saudis felt threatened by the climate talks, terming them biased against oil. Nobody needs to second guess as to why they do not want to support action against carbon emissions. They have oil to last another hundred years or more, and therefore it means they have liquid gold, which they plan to cash even if it is going to put millions of lives and the whole eco-system at risk. And in this they are not alone, flanked by their buddy the US of A, who has been diverging from cutting its greenhouse gases and other oil rich countries, the attention of the international community has been successfully diverted from the issue at hand to a totally nonsensical issue of a flag in a loo.

Who was actually involved behind setting up the stage for this charade is a question mark. Nonetheless, as far as I am concerned, the outdated Saudi flag with a sword could be thrown in the loo a million more times and pee’d on for what they have done to my country by funding terrorist activities here.