Monday, November 9, 2009

Indoctrination a religious as well as political vice

While going through several forums on different social networks, a question raises its head every time some religious bigots are under fire by the dogmatic liberals. Is indoctrination only a religious vice? Is it not also a political vice? Why isn’t anybody asking questions about the political indoctrination going on amongst the youth? Especially amongst the good for nothing elite school crowds, who smoke hash and talk about the problems amongst the masses without an iota of being directly involved

Why not curb these drawing room and madaressah politicians? Comrades and Mullahs who do not find it a big deal to suck up to feudals or imperialists just to appease some big fish, so that even if their own party fails to come up to par with the rest they have a chance to fall back on the same old feudal politicians.

There is a similarity as well as contrast between the right and left in Pakistan, thanks to the maderassah as well as drawing room politicians. It seems the only tangible difference is the tactics; otherwise there are more similarities than differences.

Perhaps this is skeptical of me to be thinking on these lines, but this repellant reaction between the right and left I fear will be the undoing of Pakistan itself. What will than be left of it? The Islamic Republic of Pakistan or the Socialist People’s Republic of Pakistan, neither I fear.