Friday, November 16, 2012

Reversing patriarchy unhealthy?

It is sad when someone who identifies himself as a feminist, tries to validate patriarchy and heteronormativity, justifying it via evolutionary psychology. The person not only sounds like a rape apologist, but by virtue of limiting gender roles to evolutionary psychology, he even gives fodder to the pro-burka/hijab bandwagon. 

Quote from Loneliberal's blog: "Some behaviours  however, are so deeply ingrained within the male psyche that fixing them could be a pathological change."

Perhaps our resident evo-psychologist is more comfortable to believe that the injustices are perpetrated due to nature and not learned behaviour. Therefore, patriarchy being natural, men have no responsibility when it comes to not being misogynists. Moreover, trying to reverse patriarchy will actually be unhealthy. Since it is healthy and natural.

Here’s another quote from the comments, “Drooling at the sight of naked women is not a learned response. I cannot imagine an adolescent male being “taught” to have an erection at the sight of a sexually-appealing female. Or a female “taught” to be turned on at the sight of a handsome man. These are instinctive behaviors. Regardless of how much he is educated, a heterosexual male would still retain his preference for tighter skin; firm, reasonably large breasts; and large, gynecoid hips (though he may deny being titillated by them, due to social restraints).”

The guy is not only stereotyping what must and does excite an individual sexually, but is also stating that one who does not fit in this box, is actually doing so due to social pressure. Basically, whatever doesn't fit in the dominant heteronormative paradigm, defined by evolutionary psychology is learned behaviour. What I would advise the author of this blog, is to first get a better understanding of what feminism is and isn't. 

PS: Perhaps, it would be so much better to cover women up in a shuttlecock burka, since men cannot help but get erect at their sight. Forget about lesbians, gays, trans-sexuals. Hell with LGBT people!


  1. Not only should he get a better understanding of feminism, but also of the nuances (and spectrum) of sexual attraction amongst humans.

  2. Outstanding job with the quote-mining.

    Perhaps you could've mentioned the part where I stated my opposition to gender stereotyping and role establishment. And stressed how many things are, for good reasons, not the way in modern society how they are expected to be in nature. And possibly mention my opposition to removing sexual stigma, instead of making it seem like I'm advocating which case, I'd say you completely misread the point of the blog.

    Sources of sexual stimulation are innate, and are only mildly affected by environment. "Heterosexual men like breasts" is not a stereotype, it's biology.

    It's the very reason why a chimpanzee doesn't experiment mating with random objects like rotting trees, ant mounds and beehives before finally getting it right. He's innately drawn to the female (or male, since homosexuality is evident in these species as well), with or without sexual counselling from his "patriarchal" peer chimpanzees.

    Claiming that you can get the male to "stop drooling over pictures of naked women" is as ignorant as claiming that you can get gay men to stop "drooling over an image of a naked man". You can only get them to deny the arousal.

    I'll discuss this in more detail in my next blog.

  3. *opposition to stigmatization of sexual expression

  4. "Heterosexual men like breasts" is not a stereotype, it's biology.
    I feel like giving this person (lonepkliberal) a pair of firm 36cc boobs with a lacy bra.. You can bounce around with that dude.

    P.S. I know who you are but, I still don't care. You have made a very very boobie bouncy comment. Round of applause.

    1. Oh no! Now wait till we have another blog explaining sex-positive feminism and norms of heterosexual 'male' behaviour explaining why it is normal to drool on nude pictures.

    2. Yes, the patriarchal society teaches men to drool over women's boobs, and they still turn out to be gay.

      Nature 1: Nurture 0.

      Isn't it frustrating how science doesn't always comply with our sense of political correctness? Silly nature, so inconsiderate of third-wave feminism's expectations.