Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brain defrost: Thoughts that run

My brain,
A horse,
An untamed one at that,
A stallion, let lose in a field,
Not the elysian fields,
Just not yet,
There is time love,
He said, as he turned his head,
To gaze at the glistening blade,
Blade or shard?
What was it?
A shard trampled in the hooves,
Yes, its gone,
No longer does it haunt,

Be free he tells,
Free of what?
Anything but them,
Just not yet,
He smiles again,
That kind one,
Its still too far to go,
Let them be,
Ones who can't wait,
Let them go,
Mere hindrances,
Nothing else,
Step on, ahead,
Beautiful horse!

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