Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make me sammich whim-in!

Stop being a feminazi bitch and make me a sammich you whim-in! Well if that wasn't enough get ready for rape threats if you dare to question and challenge child sexual abuse, paedophilia  rape threats, rape apologia, violence against women etc. 

This is not the opinion of some person stuck between home, food and shelter problems. But the privileged bunch. Attending private universities like COMSATS. Though the Ahmedi girl's rustication incident does not leave much hope for us when it comes to the said institute. Typical response from the lot for whom feminist women are man-hating-uptight-cunts. Their only desire is make me a sammich and spread your legs. These poor ‘layndi dogs’ are clueless how to interact respectfully with the wimminz. 

Now if you think this was the worse, wait till you see the number of likes this future rapist received.

Not to forget the condescending menz for whom, oh this is so not 1856 where you talk about 'feminism and girl power'. 

And just when you think that this is the end of it. Up come the ones who enjoy certain celebrity status and make statements like, “The only reason they're sending you offensive comments is because you've made it too obvious that you'll get pissed off. These people are just messing around with you for the luls. That's why I was messing around with you because your first impression was a Male-hating-delusional-feminazi. Trust me you've never seen real sexists, go to Comics by Arslan and you'll be surprised," by Tayyab Tanvir of the Mango People fame. 

Great! So basically 'The Man Tayyab' is stating, 'My sexism is nothing compared to another guy. So it proves I am not a sexist or a rape apologist'. Since when did rape threats become mere ‘offensive comments’? 

Another brilliant comment by another brilliant dick, err man?

Wimminz are not supposed to question menz for menz know bestest. If not, then menz want BJs without PJs, for their dick, err.. brain is the most important organ in their body pliss. Even if they use it to force others.


  1. Koi kam ki baat bhi hoti to maza ata..wasted my 3 precious minutes on this BLOG!!!!!

    1. Men giving rape threats to a woman, demanding sexual favours is an issue worth highlighting. If in your opinion it isn't. I would rather you stick to watching bollywood movies and reading bollywood gossip blogs.

  2. Dear Andaleeb,

    I have no idea who you are and what you do, but your post that got the comment certainly did not warrant it. I don't think anyone is threatening to rape anyone here or asking for sexual favors; they are just not taking you seriously. The fact that you are a woman does have something to do with it. The fact that you couldn't take it just proves their point...


    1. Although I see that wasn't your post... sorry.