Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pakistani left, get off your high horse!

The following is in response to the Awami Workers Party (AWP) statment where they called themselves followers of the long line of left parties throughout Pakistan’s history, that have struggled for building a socialist society, a world free of imperialism, and equality of nations. They claim to be representing the interests of working people and oppressed nationalities. And on the basis of these convictions they reject the so-called ‘revolution’ being spearheaded by TahirulQadriin Islamabad. According to the AWP under no circumstance does Qadri, or any other self-proclaimed leader of the people, can represent the toiling classes. Referring to Qadri as a conspiracy and a non-entity aimed to derail the democratic process, they question his claim to fame and his foreign residency.

The AWP also disagrees with Qadri's claims for establishing a genuine democracy. In their opinion, Pakistan, a feudal country already was on its way to achieving democracy through a democratic process, for which many of their members had worked hard, especially during the 'free judiciary movement'.

AWP further assures us that under no circumstance will they tolerate this conspiracy, and in days to come they will dedicate all of their human and intellectual resources (I wonder what are the numbers) to ensure that elections are held on schedule.

Despite expressing dismay at the timing of the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision to issue an arrest warrant for the sitting prime minister and leader of the house in the National Assembly, the AWP expects SC will honor its commitment to ensuring a peaceful democratic transition from the present elected regime to the next one.

The AWP as usual after blaming military and the imperialists powers, reassures us that they are committed as ever, to struggle against both these forces, alongwith all exploiting classes and rightists that seek only to ensure the continued subjugation of our long-suffering people.

Here's what I have to add:
F@%# off! If the left had actually not wasted time in 'intellectual masturbation’ over the years we might have had something to join today. But we don't.
As for saying Qadri is foreign returned. Most of you are foreign returned too, offspring of the elite. STFU! The democratic process you are bemoaning here is not democratic. It is adulterated feudalism. SO stop with this BS.
This so-called revolution is a product of the so-called democracy you are wailing about. People have been on the streets supporting Qadri. No matter what their political ideology you have no right to say that he is self-appointed, unless you consider the ones on the streets subhuman.

It might be a conspiracy on some level, but it no longer is so. It is being acted out right on the center stage, and instead of burying your head in sand. The left should step off this ‘self-appointed’ political and intellectual high ground. You have neither!
The few supporters you have are most of the times fighting amongst each other. The new lot, the young lot, half of it is sitting abroad and is only good for theaters, blogging, making documentaries on the ‘oh poor people, laborers, workers' etc. You have hardly ever done any cadre building. Isolated leaders are all you have now. Even if combined, none of them have enough charisma or leadership ability to counter what we have among the mullahs, army and the bloody politicians.

For the AWP statement: https://www.facebook.com/notes/awami-workers-party-official/awps-statement-on-current-political-situation/442143165841016 

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