Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cesspool of humanity

You can support Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain, Shehbaz Sharif, Obama, Romney, Bal Thackery, Ahmadinejad or whoever else we have available from the concentrated gene-pool or cesspool of humanity, I don't care. But do not lose your humanity in your 'support for these genetically stunted creatures'. Do not on one hand be anti-drone and on the other hail army operations in other parts of the world. Do not say you are a human rights supporter if you think that giving capital punishment is justified. Do not be aggressive against other beliefs, killing them, maiming them and rendering them clueless as to what hit them, and then hold the non-believer responsible for being aggressive towards you visually, virtually or graphically.

Supporting political or religious ideologies beyond humanity is nothing to be proud of. Killing to wipe the 'other' off the face of this earth is nothing short of a genocide. Perhaps the evo-psychologist would love to say this is genetic and that this is the exact gene responsible for wiping out the Neanderthals 30,000 years ago.

Oh and please do not say if it wasn't for the boob-baring women, there would be no earthquakes or genocides. For otherwise your house should be in a quake every time someone took a shower at home, especially if that someone was a woman. Or you would be taking baths in your own relatives blood. Spare me your shenanigans on how depraved modern society is when it comes to teen pregnancy and sexual orientation, for even baboons have better understanding then that. And if you think I will be impressed about your knowledge on Gaza and the Iron Dome, or even how infowars has clarified Osama's death which took place eight years ago, let me be absolutely rude here, I don't give a fuck!

Violence is not the answer. Not in any form. Be it from organized military, or from the 'extremists' against the innocent. Resistance does not mean violence. Need of the day is not to sit in your drawing room asking what would become of this world while sipping chilled pepsi, beer, vodka whichever you prefer, but that you move your bum and get to work.

You ask me when will it end? I say, when instead of asking 'when will it end' you are on the streets, next to me, fighting to make it end.


  1. The trouble with reminding a religious person of humanity is that a religious person usually equates religious morality to humanity.

    1. In general yes. However, I didn't target the religious specifically. This problem seems to be the same across the board.

  2. Well said.
    I've recently been criticizing Israel for its disproportionately aggressive response to the rocket fire, and I found myself under attack from some friends who thought I had strayed out of the "liberal" circle,

    I had to point out that I do not choose my stances based on what would be the "liberal" or "conservative" thing to say. But rather what seems right. If most of that puts me on the liberal side of the spectrum, that's good, but I don't have to be a stereotypical one at that.

    As for the evo-psychology swipe, we do believe we need to fight against our natural behaviors sometimes to prevent serious harm to society.

    It's ludicrous, however, to fight against nature to prevent PERCEIVED harm to society. No woman ever caught leprosy for choosing to bare her breasts, or a man for baring his privates. Such behaviors are degrading only if the society believes that they're degrading. And it's far easier to alter society's perceptions than to undo hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

    1. Agree with most of what you said. I think I might have used this phrase earlier as well. I do not have problem with humans, but their tribal mentality. It's problematic to say the least. I mean, someone who absolutely is against drone attacks as well as a military operation in Northern Waziristan, comes up and says, there should be a military operation in Karachi. Gimme a break!