Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have this weird feeling, which I haven't been able to totally grasp yet. But.... if you just love to love, it wouldn't matter who is in front. Happiness, you, things, others. Can you think of everything as you and you as everything? It has nothing to do with any god or having a meaning. Until I give meaning to things, they have no meaning, and when they have no meaning, they don't exist. So as long as I exist and give meanings to things, they are a part of me, are a part of my existence, and therefore are me. And as I define things and give meaning to them, I have the power to change their meanings too. You would think it makes me god. If I want what you think to be true, I can call it the truth; giving meaning to your otherwise pitiful non-existence and understanding.


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  2. The closing remarks can give rise to an interesting debate.