Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facebook privacy changed yet again

Just when I was comfortable with my privacy settings on Facebook. I read a weird status update saying their pictures are available for anybody to see, who is friends with one of the person who liked or commented on their picture. I kept ignoring the update for a day, till it started mushrooming on other people's profiles and I received notifications of people from my 'limited' lists liking my restricted pictures.

This lead me to check my privacy settings which seemed to be the same as before. But as I checked my photos, I discovered that since after August 12, Facebook allows me to change the privacy of each photo individually on my 'profile pictures', 'mobile uploads' and 'wall photos'. This is a step by step breakdown of how to fix this problem. Pictures uploaded till August 12 have the same old privacy settings. [Earlier we were able to manage the visibility as an an album]




Not only are pictures available, but also images, links, statuses sent from a mobile device are public. I had to go through my timeline till the mid of August to fix this problem as well, earlier ones were customized and were still on the same settings. The rest of the procedure I'm sure can easily be managed. Happy fixing your privacy settings again. I guess for people who are as narcissistic as I am, it would be a hell of a task. 

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