Sunday, September 2, 2012

Condemn 'magar pyar se'

Came across an interesting post recently made by a lady who had a problem with criticizing the Salafi mindset. The point of contention was the use of the word 'fuck' for people who have no compulsion killing, beating, lynching someone from another sect, religion, faith etc. Apparently, murdering people under 'Takfir' is condemnable but condemning that mindset directly can hurt the sentiments of the murderers therefore one must be very cautious. Here's a 'screenshot' of the screenshot which was taken from my twitter account:

Caption reads: This is who we are? So full of hate? None of us are better than the other... How can we say that the people who murder Shias are wrong, when we ourselves never seem to show respect for the other sect! The people who kill shias are from among us... and all of us seem to have these prejudices..

It seems that the 'Salafi mindset' is being equated to a general comment on the 'Salafis'. Also, condemning a mindset is equivalent to murdering people. I guess lack of education and awareness can definitely be blamed for this unreasonable reverence and misplaced sense of morality. The same excuse has been used by many Muslims all around the world when it comes to drawing cartoons of religious personalities or boldly criticizing some practices of the religion of peace. 

As a friend of mine said, "Let's kill all the bastards they say. Hitler was great they say. Let's praise God they say. He who sent us to this world. To tamper with the sexuality of little children they say. To tamper with their brains they say. To conceive heaven and the virgins therein. To love thy neighbour but only if it not be a jew, a christian, a shia, an ahmedi, an atheist....."

I say, "Condemn, magar pyar se..." ;)


  1. Andaleeb, I have been shocked that you are those people who take things on face value.. My problem is not that you use the word "Fuck".. It is that you associate a mentality with a group of people who may or may not share that point of view.

    I refuse to believe that all Salafi's are like that.. I refuse to believe that all Wahhabi's are like that.. I refuse to believe it because many of them are my friends, my family and my colleagues.. and they are not "Fucked up".. they are normal humans... with normal problems.. who hate all this just as much as you cursing, so called self proclaimed liberals and intellectuals...

    I condemn killing and I condemn labeling! And I will not tolerate disrespect towards my friends and family!

    1. Well, I already said that you are equating the condemnation of a group of people with condemning a certain mindset. I condemned the 'Salafi mindset' which is the proponent of 'Takfir'. That is used by Muslims against each other, as well as non-Muslims. Semantics and nuances are important. :)