Monday, January 9, 2012

Shut up you so-called feminist...

One of the very common accusations against feminists in dialogues taken off a forum. With a hint of sarcasm.

Feminist: Most men are misogynists. If that wasn't the case, this wouldn't be a patriarchal society.

Some man get's red alert, "What? Most men meant I could be one of them. What a stupid bitch. I'm not a misogynist. She hates men. OMG, she's a lesbian, she definitely hates men." Google search: Hate for men, enter - misandry. "Oh, so she's a misandrist. Now see what I do."

Guy: Most men are not misogynists, and you would have known better if you were not a so-called feminist. Rather, you are a misandrist.

Feminist: What makes you think I hate men? If I say your jokes are sexist and that the society treats women like chattel it translates to me being a misandrist?

Guy: See, hear, hear people, this woman is only pretending to be a feminist; she actually is a misandrist and hates men. Actually she’s a frustrated spinster/virgin and hates men.

Goes to Google again: Feminism, enter – Wikipedia result. (There’s too much mumbo jumbo to read, so decides to switch to Youtube. Easier to post anti-feminist videos then read too much literature)

There onwards, continues to harp with the new found knowledge of the word misandrist and tries to throw it in with a video or two until there is not more room for rational or logical debate. The feminist decides to leave the discussion.

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