Monday, August 26, 2013

Islamabad Political guy intellect-chawal at his best!

Apparently male journalists are threatened so much by women journalists calling out their bullshit online, that they cannot help but send threatening messages on Facebook. Here's an example of a threat received from Moazzam Raza Tabassam for calling him out on my friend Zeeba's post about the treatment meted out to women in IDP camps. This guy is supposedly an editor of Islamabad Political as per his Facebook page. 

The reason Zeeba and I deserve this attention is because we refused to be 'diplomatic women' who live in the Pakistani 'intellectual society', and we dare to ask some 'male chauvinists' what they mean when they are being 'intellect-chawals' (A brilliant term coined by another friend of mine Mariam).

Here's the brilliance of our 'dear experienced journalist Moazzam' again:

Just in case this screen-capture was not enough for the delight of your mental-senses. Do read the rest of the thread for some more brilliant chawalness here. Unfortunately, Zeeba deleted his attack on my Shia background to protect me from feeling hurt and offended. But I managed to get that information too.

I suppose men just cannot tolerate women having brains, because they are conditioned into accepting women only as showpieces. The moment women break that stereotype of being only good to look at, their male privilege is under threat and they have to prove their maleness by hook or by crook. 

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  1. Well that may be true sometimes, like everything else there is diversity in it too. At the same time, as some one said" to speak the truth and to hurt with the truth are different things" essentially my point is if a girl/lady/woman does get educated and is intellectually astute why is it that, more often than not, they start to challenge the society, you could say the same thing in a much nicer and non rebellious way. Quaratulain Haider was one such person who was brilliant and has written and spoken about some of the most controversial topics regarding women in a manner which attracted solution/awareness to the problem and not criticism to herself. btw Bano Qudsia was another one I could remember. So the point is to keep the balance and try to avoid the charisma of rebellion.