Saturday, June 15, 2013

Songs of nature

Among the high peaks and tall trees
Flowing wind
Rustling leaves
Yes, the loneliness of a mountain calls
Sadness of the dark boulders
Standing on cliff edges
In perpetual fear of falling
Crushing someone
Lovers or enemies, friends or foes
And in the distance
The shepherd on his flute too
Signals you, come hither
For the song of nature is always present
In lightning and thunderstorm
Darkened, charred tree trunks
Trailing fires; Raging waters; Moving earth
Sliding solid waters
Destructive and vile you think
Is it so? The muses ask;
Sheep, ask them
Grazers of the hinterlands,
Jumping along steep slopes with sure foots
Tiny bells, they too beckon you to join them
Running to the shepherd
Making the music louder
Summoning with longing
Mixing in, the laughter of the blossoms
Fragrant trails of sensuous colours
Even if poisonous and deadly,
Crackle chants until nightfall
Till the fireflies abuzz
Bring heaven on earth
Bejewelled, luminescence on black silk
As well shouts
Come hither, come hither, come hither!

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