Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Comrade Jingle

A gallon of tea,
Stash of pot,
A bundle of hash,
Party all the best,
Marx on the table,
Engels on the chest,
Some friends in Cuba, Quebec
Oh the best were Bolsheviks,
Nostalgia of times you never spent,
Glories you never shared,
Ideas out of date,

A pen, a book, a literary fest,
Get a wrench,
Fix a thing or two before you brag,
Oh comrade,
Gimme a break,
I live in Asia,
Not a Czech,
My father worked on a broken deck,
Rode a bike that was second hand,
Life is harsh you tell me that?

I lived it all,
And lost him too,
Through the system,
You think works true,
Viva la democracy you say,
Trae en la revoluciĆ³n I dare!

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