Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shit Pakistani Atheists say

Why did the Afghan not protest more about the killings of 16 members of the same family compared to burning of the Quran?

Why did the Afghan protest about burning the Quran by Americans?

Why are moderate Muslims protesting about the Taliban?

Why do Muslims have music in their ‘naat’ when music is haram?

Muslims should talk more about sex. 

More Muslim women should work in porn as a protest.

How can this woman talk about sex being a Muslim?

Why is she not wearing a hijab?

Did you see how fitted that hijabi girl's dress was?

Why Muslims wear Western clothes?

Why don't Muslims integrate?

I hate desi wannabe goras.

How can a true Muslim man let his wife work?

Why do Muslims immigrate to Western countries?

Why do Muslims eat Halal food?

Oh did you check that new Indian restaurant in LA?

Why Muslims don't eat pork? Oh I am cooking vegetarian today for my Hindu friend.

I am an ex-Muslim and I always wonder, will Muslims ever see reason?

OMG s/he said Mashallah/Inshallah, must be a closet Muslim.

And last but not the least, I must be a Muslim apologist. ;)


  1. My only question is: Why do Pakistani atheists -- in fact, all atheists -- say shit when they know they're better than that? Why do they continue talking and behaving like religious people do? Is it because they've been like that for years and need a lot more to completely rid themselves of their old habits?

    1. I think it's because many of them think that since they denied religion, now they have nothing else to learn. They don't need to be analytically but just critical for the heck of it.

    2. LOLZ... This is very accurate. I say all these things :P Love it!

      And: 'Why don't you kill me? I'm gay!'
      'So you're OK with your husband beating you with miswak?'