Friday, January 20, 2012

Blasphemy their's and ours

Today's news highlight is the five year sentence awarded to an Atheist in Indonesia, who committed blasphemy just by stating god does not exist. Indonesia is currently facing rising extremism in religious sentiments and therefore perhaps moving towards what Pakistan already is. A hot bed for the parasite called extremism. If saying god does not exist equates blasphemy, does saying only Jesus can be the savior be blasphemy as well? After all Muslims do not consider Jesus to be the savior, neither do the Jews, buddhists, Hindus, or for that matter any of the non-Christians believe that. So how can it become blasphemy if an atheist denies god's existence? All religions consider their sceipture and doctrine to be divine; their prophet, messiah to be the true one; their god or gods the true ones. In that all religions are blasphemous towards each other. Therefore, if there are rules against blasphemy they should also be used against all religious people in a non-descriminatory manner. Muslims should not be allowed to praise Allah as their true god on Facebook, since it is blasphemos to non-Muslims. Christians should not be allowed to post.....

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