Friday, January 21, 2011

Hemline of 'ghairat'

The media charade over Veena Malik’s participation in the Indian show Bigboss has been going on for weeks. But yesterday it reached its ultimate heights when she confronted a Maulana on live television and asked him the questions every woman of this region wants to ask the male dominated religio-fanatic society. It seems no matter how advanced we get, the ‘ghairatmeters’ are still stuck on how women behave or not behave here.

One almost wants to cry when the only thing that seems to ruffle the calm of this otherwise dead general public is the hemline of a girls dress. How easily the sensibilities of the religious get offended by the Veena Maliks or the Sania Mirzas who dare to take a step for their emancipation. Who challenge the set norms for women and break the bounds which define the fragile ego and ‘ghairat’ of the men in sub-continent. Or rather I must say the so called ego and ‘ghairat’ of the religious bigots who are slaves to their tribal mentality.

Why are these humane people not shocked by the suicide bombs? Why do they not come out on the roads and demonstrate against the religious seminaries where they not only molest children, but also train them to kill others? Why do the Maulvies not become so vociferous when talking to another Maulvi and accuse him of sodomizing a child? But how can they do that? The hands of their ‘ghairatmeter’ are tangled in the bra strap of a girl and their eyes are glued to the hemline of Veena Malik’s skirt.

Everything else, including the sodomized, crying children, are nothing compared to a hug given by a ‘Musalmaan Larki’ to another guy. The children of the nation can go and blow themselves up one by one to be with hot virgins in the surreal ‘Jannat’ but in realtime, women cannot be hot.

They can let their children die and get molested by nasty bearded men belonging to the religion of so-called peace, but lo and behold, the garb of a woman should be modest. Why modest, because if they don’t dress modestly, they will lead the pious men away from the true path. But I want to know, what is the true path and who are the pious men? The only true path according to Muslims, leads them to a place of booze and women. And the pious men dream of being with 72 virgins in a place where booze is free and limitless. So why be such hypocrites in this life?

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