Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evolving Conspiracies & Theories

Jews are actually Muslims: Biggest conspiracy theory of our times

People love conspiracy theories and Pakistani Muslims more so. According to many Islamic websites, that want to reason everything by saying it was the Jews, the .22% of the world’s population is capable of inflicting more terror on the Muslims than the Muslims themselves. The theories range from them (the West, Israel, Jews, US of A) owning most of the big corporations and research institutes, that are capable of not only manipulating Muslims economically, but biologically as well.

I wonder if it is because of the Quran that says, they (the Jews) are conspiring against Muslims. The most outrageous so far has been from a married Lahori lady, who said Israel has devised certain rays that are transmitted from a television set to make people indulge more into sexual activities. She used this excuse to not only explain her having four babies but also the ‘bay rah ravi’ prevalent in Pakistani society, which was never the case before, mind it. However, since I am into developing conspiracy theories as well now, I think it is because the Jews are actually rich Muslims in disguise.

It is their plan to make Muslims produce more and more babies, hence the chemtrail and television rays to increase their libido and make them breed like rabbits. Also, propagating the negative side of Islam is one of their conspiracies, since hundreds of people (according to the Muslims) are converting to Islam. Why I said that? Due to the negativity in the media Muslims appear as the under dogs and thus to the minds of the biologically as well as psychologically mutilated, Islam starts appearing as one of the best religions on planet Earth.

This further proves the Jews are actually Muslims, because despite knowing that the ignorant are turning more towards Islam because of their shenanigans, they continue their aggression. They know people will become more and more ignorant about being manipulated if they believe in the ‘man in the sky’. Thus, they can use them as slaves and make them do the dance of labour versus consumerism.

However, what most people fail to understand is, this is just about using religious ignorance. Since, the more people turn towards religion, the more power they give to the instigators and aggressors to use them. Yes, this is my conspiracy theory.

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