Friday, December 3, 2010

Atheist prophets or losses?

I have come across several youngsters (omg am so old.. lolz) who are atheists and claim to be preaching and teaching in their surroundings to make people see more reason (which of course is reason only because they are a-theists, which is so cool btw..) Somehow, it sounds just like a ‘tableeghi’ when it comes to wanting atheism to spread and all. The whole purpose of being an a-theist merely dies when people start doing that. Perhaps most of the people will not agree and would argue that is the only course of action left. To spread reason atheists must form an alliance and wage a “jihad of reason” against all these stupid religious people in their vicinity. Who have nothing better to do but to be the moral judges of the so-called civilised society based on their mere belief, which with atheists becomes a mere lack of it.

So how does one differentiate between the atheists and theists any more? Both are on a rampage, both are haters of others, or almost, and both are on some moral high ground considering the other to be inferior in some way. Of course with theists it is an extra baggage of God Almighty, but then how come Science or (omg) Reason is becoming the opposing almighty. Here’s another commonality, which often we forget when comparing the two, and that is pity for the other side.

How many times have I come across those extremely annoying, irritating preachers who consider it as their duty to show me the right way, of course without reason. Equally annoying have become those who are with reason but are on the same path, actually, they are more annoying, because they not only pity someone who is reason-less but they show towards them a condescending attitude which makes it a double doze of reason-less-ness.

Perhaps it is some pseudo-religiosity in disguise playing tricks on us again. After all, it hasn’t been long that we got rid of that shit.

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