Sunday, June 20, 2010

Witnessing a robbery

The night before last I came home angry and furious at our apathy and helplessness in face of guns and death. On main MA Jinnah Road, a bastard robbed a man in his car. There were six motorcyclists around, our press van, another pickup, and this lunatic on a motorcycle, wearing a p-cap looking as if he had all the time in the world, yelling at the driver of the car to handover the mobile and cash. Nobody was able to do anything except be silent onlookers. It was a typical scene with one man on a motorcycle with a TT-pistol, having no inhibitions or fear, acting as if he owns everything, including the people.

When the man handed him the loot, he took a u-turn and sped away. Nobody reacted. It took me at least 3 seconds to even realise what actually was happening, while the whole thing just finished in 15 seconds. The pistol he held looked evil in the streetlights. The motorcycle riders looked nervous, and the children in the car looked excited as well as scared.

I have been unable to get the whole scene out of my head. I cannot stop thinking how we are raising children in this country. With gun-wielding lunatics running rampant, and all of us so scared to move even an inch in front of those weapons and the savages who carry them.

Perhaps, this was my first such experience and therefore am so concerned and moved, people around me just took it in their stride and told me it was something that happened every other day, and I better get used to it, and be more concerned about my own safety rather then thinking what I could have done for somebody else.


Today, while coming home there was a police mobile standing at the spot where the robbery took place. Whether it was because the victim complained or some other reason, but I was wondering where that mobile had been previously. Perhaps wherever it had been, the criminals would find a green signal there and resume their activities, and meanwhile, let this section of MA Jinnah Road be crime free.

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