Monday, June 14, 2010

Drawing parallels between dogmas

Recently while going over an exchange of comments between communists and some capitalist, several times I came across sentences like, “Stalin was not a communist. You cannot blame the theory for the crimes committed by the people who followed it. Everything negative circulating about the communist atrocities were the USA’s propaganda against communism in general, and communist regimes, especially the Soviet Union.”

I found this very interesting, as it reminded me of the debates between seculars and Muslims, or the non-Muslims/apostates and fanatic Muslims. If the debate is about the current suicide bombings, it would go something like, “A suicide bomber is not a true Muslim. You cannot say Islam is bad just because some Muslims are blowing themselves up to kill others. It is only anti-Islam propaganda by the Zionists and their partners in crime the US of A to malign the holy wars.”

These comments have me in stitches, and I am amazed at the similarities among both the clans. Muslims propose Khilafat to be the way to provide justice; while a Communist propagates communism would provide justice and make earth heaven.

Perhaps, this was the reason why ZA Bhutto became very famous in Pakistan. Another parallel that can be drawn here would be Stalin’s anti-Semitism and Bhutto’s anti-Ahmadism. He used the already present fanatic streak in the general Muslims to unite them against a common enemy, namely the Qadyanis as had already been demonized by the evil Moudoodi.

Moreover, despite that we give all credit of Islamisation to General Ziaul Haq with support from the CIA, we should not forget that the concept of Islamic Socialism was coined by the famous orator Bhutto.

And it does make sense how easy it must have been, looking at the fact that both these ideologies make people delusional by talking about absolute justice.

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