Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Disintegration continues

The supporters of the Nationalist/Separatist parties give only one impression and that is they want Pakistan to be disintegrated. If that was not the case, instead of being blind to the true cause of the poor going for such ideals, these people would be actively involved in getting the poor educated, and not merely politically motivated.

Interestingly, this is not the first instance of their support in the wrong quarters. The breaking of India, although a lot of the credit has been given to Nehru’s stubbornness, should also be given to the progressives, who were able to achieve the disintegration of India - first into India and Pakistan, and later Bangladesh. And now, once again they are giving their support to the people who want to further break Pakistan into tiny pieces.

Whether it is the Sindhi Nationalists or the Baloch Nationalists, the movements are being run by the same Landlords, who have been the actual cause of discontent for the poor of all these provinces. People who live in the shadow of these landlords are not free. How can they be free living under such people, who can and do, at any moment kidnap their daughters, enslave their sons and wives? People, who are not free to even get educated or get married or move to another place be actually free to vote?

They are just pawns, not for their rulers, but also for these so-called enlightened activists, who support the rulers of these poor people.

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