Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ahmedis are better off as kafirs

Extremist Muslims attack the Ahmedis wherever they can and whenever they can, whether it is online, in the streets, at their mosque or any other place. The recent attacks on Ahmedi Mosques were a testament to that tendency, in which around a 100 Ahmedis were killed, triggering debates from the legitimacy of the attack to the legitimacy of calling their worship place a mosque. Even so-called moderates did not flinch from terming them as kafirs or infidels, since there is a general abhorrence towards associating with the progressive and enlightened amongst the Muslims.

Moreover, killing seems to be a hobby for the fanatic Muslims. And executing minorities is one of the favourites of those. Out of all the marginalised minorities, the worst treated are the Ahmedis, who, interestingly, up till ZA Bhutto’s time were the ones to save Muslim-ass when it came to debating with the Non-Muslims, because they were well read, well informed, educated and had a knack to win arguments, it did not take much to alienate them from the general illiterate populace though, thanks to the Moudoodi propaganda, that had already had a round during 1953. What is more ironic, is the law declaring the Ahmedis as Kafirs was passed during a Socialist's time.

Anyway, moving on, if everything had remained the same, perhaps Muslims would have been in better shape right now instead of being the barbaric breed they have become. But what with the negative and rigid indoctrination that had been carried out by the evil Moudoodi, and the malignant campaign against Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, the whole scenario turned sour pretty soon. Therefore, the treatment meted out to Dr Abdus Salam, the only Nobel Laureate Pakistan ever produced should not shock anybody (Pakistani Atheist).

A society that calls a thief like Abdul Qadeer a hero, a terrorist and killer like Osama Bin Ladin a messiah and an evil monger like Moudoodi a scholar, would of course cold shoulder a scientist into nothingness. They are barbarians and the Ahmedis should actually thank their lucky stars they are not associated with this group of fanatics, who have nothing in common with them. At least it saves them random checks at airports!!!

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