Monday, May 31, 2010

The unsightly, filthy and unhealthy corners

I have often wondered why in Pakistan, the corners of transitional spaces, especially, landings, entrances and gates of not just government offices, but even residential apartments are almost obscene. I cannot fathom, what prompts people to choose particularly the corner for all their venting, whether it is emotional spitting or merely spitting. What is the affinity with the corner? Why do they feel compelled to spit, or throw garbage, or carve their name along with their lover while entering or exiting a building, or while going up or down the stairs.

From graffiti, to red-spits (a gift of gutka and betel leaf) and scraps of garbage, these corners are atrociously hideous. This phenomenon is most prominent in government buildings like Civic Centre, City Courts, High Court, KMC building and most glaringly even at the Sindh Health ministry offices. No wonder the health sector is all in shambles among all this, as people have not left corners in even hospitals alone, and it not just counts for the public sector hospitals, the same attitude goes for the private ones.

The walls of these corners are mostly red along with the floor, and they stink, and buzz with flies and mosquitoes, most prominently on staircase landings. One would be ascending or descending the staircase with this pugnacious sight right in front, as if reminding one of the conditions in Pakistan.

Perhaps it is a symbolic representation of our dilapidated system, which tries to bog down every person who wants to transition to a better place. The filth of the corners metaphorically describes the pathways littered with red-tapism and anarchism present in each decrepit institute.

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