Monday, May 24, 2010

Facebook fiasco...

The recent hullabaloo between the extreme right and the centre as well as left of centre regarding the blockade of the most favourite social networking site, along with others like Flickr (Althought Webshots is still working, so it does not make much sense…) has turned a petty matter, compared to the human rights violations that are often committed in the country into a full-fledged online assault between the religious and non-religious.

It leaves ones mind boggled at the instigator of this charade, who was smart enough to put two main factions of the country at loggerheads. And why I say two is, if one looks at the ideological differences, broadly speaking the country mainly has only two factions; the zealots and the seculars; or the religious and the not so or moderately religious.

Anyway, getting back to the facebook sham, piquing the religious and making them resort to their guerrilla tactics regarding any mundanity is actually a piece of cake, one at times may only need to yell the word US and they would all get on their high-horses. However, this new move has even annoyed the other lot. The one that stays happy within their cocoon of virtual bliss. Angry tirades have been frothing on blogspot and wordpress regarding freedom of speech. Nevertheless, it leaves me quite at my wits end when I realise that in a third world country, the only problem to make the educated (I understand it may be debatable…) unite against the decision taken by their ‘free judiciary’ could be the ban on some websites.

A mere stone that shattered the serene virtual pool to cause this unfolding drama, made to the top of the priority list for all the people, who like to hear and get heard on facebook, to demand freedom of speech or to demand a ban on the said speech..... Interesting... lets see where it all ends.


  1. Every injustice has been protested against and the voices of the protesters have remained ignored. The Facebook issue is a different issue. People always need something to protest against. It makes their lives meaningful. However, this new issue shall pass as well.

  2. Verbal Attacks - When you attack Black people, they call it racism. When you attack Jewish people, they call it Antisemitism. When you attack women, they call it sexism. When you attack homosexuality, they call it intolerance. When you attack your Country, they call it treason. When you attack a religion they call it hate. ..But..when...they...attack.. the Prophet Mohammed they call it freedom of speech!!