Monday, August 24, 2009

Go Green or Red?

I know these days it is a common practice for the elite to just collect a few like minded youngsters together, and start propagating their ideas. If they are rich they may even launch a music band. The more I went into the details of these so-called YOUTH GROUPS ,the more I felt it is comparatively easy for foreign educated kids, or elite school grads to sympathize with these mostly western ideologies. They would go so far ; as to even support their implementation without any contextual adaptation. I am not a political science student, and may not have a very sound understanding of Politics and Current Affairs, but I do know this much, that whenever things are done in isolation, and without any context to the current situation; it turns out to be a disaster. These youth groups are mostly propagating Socialism, which I find ludicrous, as they themselves come from mostly rich influential families, and move around in imported high MSRP cars, and live in posh localities. But I also understand that for the common graduate, or under-grad in Pakistan it is very glamorous to see such a person mingling with the peasants and farmers, it appeals to their so-called 'everybody is equal' spirit.

On the other hand I find the extremist 'Islamic Fanatics' propagating about Islam and spreading sectarianism. These guys also appeal to a large number of youngsters, especially to the ones who did not go to even remotely elite schools, and were brought up on Zia's mutilated textbooks. They have a tendency to embrace extremism easily, which should not of course make us wonder. With these two extremes prevalent, and the current situation, I find it has become UNFASHIONABLE to be PATRIOTIC. It seems that these days it is a fad to rebel and very unfashionable not to do so. Bear with me if I say that most people who identify themselves with so called liberals and a lot of times Marxist or Socialist ideologies, be it journalists or individual think tanks, have somehow jumped onto this bandwagon consisting of the "Blame Pakistan First" enthusiasts. Similarly the Religious extremists are following an identical pattern, although they may think they are protecting Pakistan from malignant, evil, foreign forces, their handicap (lack of education) rather than helping the cause, increases the problems.

There is a huge territory in-between that I feel needs to be discovered, we require something that for now helps progress rather then stops it. I feel this cannot be achieved; neither by imposing Soviet ideologies, nor the Taliban beliefs. We need the middle way. I do not know if it is possible or not, but I do know that somewhere someone has to start.

I do hope I haven't caused you boredom by these rantings, but I am worried for the future. Also I am sick of most people, who do want to point out the faults, but cannot offer any solutions. I do not want a red revolution nor do I need a green one, I just want to know if there is anything that can be done practically, or people will only mint money out of either pointing out what is wrong, or by creating more problems.

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