Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pot bellied mullah parties

Pakistan is a controversial country. One can be very religious here and perform several hajj, but on the other hand, exchanging a briefcase to get something done for a rich, or even poor civilian is not a big deal, bureaucratically speaking. You know if Hindus can wash away their sins in Ganga, so can the Muslims by drinking Aab-e-Zam-Zam and performing hajj. We’ve all heard “900 choohay khaa kar billi hajj ko chali”.

This is not the only funny part. We hate homosexual and transgender people, but we also hate heterosexual couples indulging in public display of affection. Two men can walk around holding each other’s pinkies in our country, as long as they are wearing a beard and a topi. But a man and woman holding hands is absolutely against Shariat. A transgender person should never be made angry, cause their curse works, but we still do not want them to have equal rights.

Oh and how can one forget that the peaceful religion called Islam gives equality to everyone, and is very loving towards non-Muslim ‘human beings’. We have never, ever hurt them in our country, and those who did hurt them, were actually non-Muslims, probably Jews or Indian Hindus. Since Pakistanis are so pious, even god is worried about accommodating them in heaven.

Not to forget the big bellied religious ‘scholars’ who actually support Army coups in Pakistan, but are anti-Army when it is against a religious nut in another country. Their loudspeakers keep calling for Jihad in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria, but for Shia Genocide, they’re mum. It is a tricky job though, one must give them this much credit that they aren’t being hypocrites in the matter. After all, how can they on one hand call Hakimullah Mehsud a Shaheed, who ran TTP, known for targeting Shias, and on the other cry crocodile tears over kafir deaths?

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