Monday, October 22, 2012

Who is the savage?

Who are savages? And no I am not talking about the Taliban. Let's start with what is the meaning of 'savage'? Here's what Google has to say:

Everyone is a savage. We are getting closer to being 'savages' or the 'savage idea' and the 'vigilante' mentality. Hence for us deaths are mere statistics, collateral damage or just necessary wrongs. We live in a world where people get killed on being 'alleged terrorists'; where 3 million people can be displaced on the basis of a video; and a country could be ravaged with a war, killing and maiming thousands on an 'allegation of owning Weapons of Mass Destruction'.

What really is the difference between the Taliban and the imperialists or the people who send jobs to poorer countries to have greater profits, while their own people survive on social security? How can we justify one act of oppression in the name of profit, and term the other brutal? Basically rendering thousands jobless is as brutal as killing thousands. Difference is that one use the Muslim or Jewish way of slaughtering (slow painful death) and the others slaughter a bit humanely.

End of rant!

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